10 Reasons to be Friends with a Doula

Reasons to be friends with a doula

Doulas are some of the most fun people. The more of them I meet, the more I realize what awesome humans this profession attracts. And our doula training and expertise is helpful even if you’re not currently pregnant or postpartum. We’re pretty much the bee’s knees.

Below, just a few reasons to get to know a doula:

You’ll know someone who leaves the group chat with the exit line “Sorry y’all, I have to go see a lady about borrowing her pelvis.”

(Fear not, it was just a model for a childbirth education class.)

You’ll know someone who has referrals for a host of useful professions.

I know chiropractors, people trained in the use of essential oils, massage therapists, etc.

If your body ever does a weird thing, or your poop is green, you’ll know someone who is probably okay with discussing weird things that bodies do.

(Caveat being: ask your doula friend before you text her pictures of things, unless you’re a client and you’ve already paid me to talk to you about your mucus plug.)

You’ll know someone who knows how to support your decisions objectively.

Quitting everything and moving to New Mexico? Wanting that fifth slice of cake at your toddler’s birthday party? Your doula friend is practiced in nonjudgmental support.

You’ll know someone who’s experienced at helping people weigh pros and cons.

Because we help clients cut through research and advice and figure out what’s best for them, we have a skill that is valuable to other people in our lives. Big decision? Let’s talk. 

You’ll know someone who expects the unexpected.

Working in birth rooms, and with new babies has taught me that life is not neat and predictable, and that’s okay. I don’t expect my friends to have everything figured out, because I know that life will probably throw them a curveball anyway.

If your doula friend is also a Postpartum Placenta Specialist, they’re familiar with sanitization procedures and food safety.

And they probably have a bottle of bleach hanging around. You never know when you’ll need a bit of bleach.

You’ll know someone who won’t judge your parenting choices.

Yes, this is about supporting your decisions, but it deserves its own point, because everyone is judging parents, all the time. Y’all deserve a break.

If your doula friend is on call, you’ll have a friend whose ringer is always on.

Like the body discussions, please don’t abuse this, or you will be removed from the favorites list. But doulas rally in an urgent situation like champs.

By and large, doulas are some of the most compassionate, authentic and down to earth people you’ll ever meet. Who doesn’t want a friend like that?

If you don’t have a doula in your life yet, you’re missing out! Whether you’re pregnant, a new parent in the postpartum period, or just need a new bestie, I say you can’t go wrong with getting to know a doula.
Do you have any more reasons doulas make the best friends? Tell us in the comments! And if you want a new BFF just for your pregnancy in DC or Maryland, drop me a line.

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