Samantha is a full-time birth doula, postpartum doula and postpartum placenta specialist serving DC, suburban Maryland and northern Virginia. She owns DC Metro Maternity, and now provides all doula services through DCMM. She is educated and trained as a professional, and will support your goals for your family, no matter what they are.

Sam's mother has a VHS tape of her at age six, in big, colorful glasses, being asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She responded that she wanted to be a dancer, missionary, and a scientist. As a doula, she is not quite any of those things. But she lives a life of joy and creativity (like a dancer), filled with generosity (like a missionary), and grounded in curiosity (as all the best scientists are).

Doula work provides Samantha with a unique opportunity to be with families at a vulnerable moment, as they are growing. She believes in creating a space free of judgement, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. And she believes in helping you feel supported and confiednt during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

She grew up in Waldorf, MD and her family has been living in the DC area for three generations. When she's not doulaing, Samantha runs half marathons with her mom, eats a lot of seafood, sings karaoke, and looks for nightclubs where people actually dance. She tries to sprinkle a bit of #blackgirlmagic everywhere she goes (and yes, you can have some regardless of race or gender). Her favorite city other than home is New Orleans; her favorite show is Jane the Virgin; and she can't pick a favorite food.

That's enough about her. This is really about you. What you need to know most is that she am committed to excellence, to authenticity, and to support without bias for her clients. If there is a way that she can be of service, let her know!


  • ProDoula, Certified Labor Doula, Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, 2017
  • ProDoula, Trained Labor Doula, Trained Postpartum Doula, Trained Postpartum Placenta Specialist, 2016
  • Mamatoto Birthworker Training, 2014


  • Current MPH Candidate in Maternal and Child Health, George Washington University
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, Duke University, 2009

Previous Employment:

  • WomenHeart: The National Coalition of Women with Heart Disease
  • The Black Women’s Health Imperative
  • The Young Women’s Project