As a postpartum doula, my job is to ensure that you are adjusting to life after birth, and your baby is adjusting to this brave new world. And anyone who’s ever pulled a college all-nighter, worked a night shift, or raised a newborn can tell you that without sleep, being well adjusted is HARD.

Sleep is a beautiful thing. And as your doula, here are five ways I can help you get your beauty rest:

  1. Assisting in establishing a routine for the whole family.

Whether this is your first or fifth baby, everything feels different when you bring your newborn home. But it doesn’t have to be chaotic. I can come in and work with you to establish your new normal. You are capable of navigating the newborn phase, and I’m here to help.

Maybe you need tools to get through the witching hour, or to establish a time to turn down the lights and soothe baby to bed. You might be concerned about baby’s weight and looking for a system for tracking wet and dirty diapers. Or perhaps your family needs some coaching around washing hands and using soft voices near the nursery. I can come during the day, overnight, or provide live-in services until you have all the kinks ironed out. 

No matter what your goal is, I’ll be right there with you while you make a plan and carry it out. You’ll sleep easier once the system is in place.


2. Take care of chores so you really can sleep when the baby sleeps.

Very few of us love to do dishes and laundry (and if you are one of those magical folks who finds it soothing, let’s be friends please!) And babies create a shocking  number of dishes for people so indifferent to table etiquette and clothing. Washing bottles, burp cloths, onesies and breast pumps can be tedious and time consuming.

But what if you could just delegate? What if there was a baby mess fairy who would come and do all of this so that you could actually sleep when the baby sleeps? There is! I’m your postpartum doula and I’ve got this.


3. Stay up to date on medical recommendations and safe sleep guidelines.

You’ve probably heard conflicting recommendations on infant sleep. Science is ever changing on the subject, and each parenting philosophy promotes different methods. You don’t have to stay up to date on all of that- I do, because it’s my job. If you’re wondering how to safely co-sleep, or what to consider when putting baby in her crib, just ask me. I trust your parental instincts, and I know you’ll do a good job, so you’ll never get unsolicited advice from me. Just know that I am a resource of resources, and if you want to know about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ most recent updates on infant sleep, I can give you any information that you need.

You can rest, knowing that your baby is safe and sound, and you’re well-informed.


4. Sharing useful techniques to sooth the tears.

You’ve been blessed by the miracle of life, and this tiny human is your gift. But WHY is your gift screaming bloody murder?! The good news is, I can help. Whether it’s shushing, rocking and pacifying the baby between overnight feedings, helping you use your fancy swaddle blanket during a day shift, or bringing you the baby to comfort nurse and ensuring that you have a snack while you do it, I’m there to help keep baby calm.

I’m well-versed in soothing parents too.

I find that a listening ear, nourishment, a nap, and occasionally a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate solve a great deal of problems. Or maybe you need time to go to yoga, or a date night. We can make sure that happens. If you or baby are completely inconsolable I’ll help you get whatever you need.

5. Supporting night time feeds.

Last but certainly not least, I can help with night-time feeds. You know, the ones that make sitcom parents bleary-eyed and primed to get into hijinks. You don’t have time for hijinks, you need sleep! With overnight or live-in care, we can make this easier. I can support you whether you’re feeding on demand, or every two hours, or  sleeping on the nursery floor to ensure that baby keeps breathing (yes, that happens). Go lay down and let a well-rested professional assist you. I’m happy to take over bottle feeding duties for the night, or bring you the baby or your breast pump every two hours. Even the tiniest bit of assistance can change the game at 4am. 

 5 ways a postpartum doula can help you sleep

Better sleep makes for better parents. You don’t have to go without it. Just give me a call, and as your postpartum doula, we’ll get you back to bed in no time.


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