Taking new baby and sibling out for a errands

After bringing home their new baby, you might want to bask in the joy of their little one. Everything is new and taking time to learn about your little one (who, even if this isn’t your first time to the new parent rodeo, is likely to have quirks that set it apart from its siblings) can be amazing! If you’re fortunate (and I hope you are), you’re able to take time to learn all about your new bundle of joy, and adapt to your new normal.

But there comes a time when everyone leaves the house with their new baby for the first time.

Maybe it’s just for that first pediatrician appointment. Or maybe you miss adult conversation.

There’s no shame in going stir crazy, and I fully support baby’s first trip to a coffee shop.

No matter why you’re headed out and about, you might find yourself wondering how to go about preparing for this journey out with your new squish. Here are a few tips:

1. Anticipate attention.

This may be coos and smiles at baby (this is my hope). But also know that if your baby is young and you’re going anywhere besides the doctor, people may feel feelings about this. Traditionally, some people believed that young babies should not leave the house. I support lying in periods, and goodness knows you deserve the rest. But you get to decide what rest looks like.

Getting out for fresh air can do a world of good.

After all, isolation is not exactly the best prevention for postpartum mood issues. You’re probably used to the advice from your pregnancy, but it’s only fair to warn you that it’s not going away soon.

2. Expect everything to take longer with a new baby.

You have to prepare an extra person, so you’re likely to be moving a bit slower getting out the door. And if you had a cesarean birth, be sure to take it easy as your scar heels. All new mothers are advised not to lift much heavier than their baby, so be gentle with yourself.

3. Prepare for tears.

It may be that you wonder why the baby won’t stop crying. Or, it may be that you’re the one getting a bit overwhelmed. Either one is normal. To deal with this, you may want to add some tissues to the diaper bag. And consider a pacifier. (For those concerned about using it too soon, a finger also works. Or a breast or bottle. But if you’re wondering “will a pacifier ruin my baby” the answer is no.)

4. Bring reinforcements.

It may be your partner, a friend or a postpartum doula. Having anyone with you the first few times you’re running errands or headed to the doctor with your new baby can be pretty clutch. An extra pair of hands to carry things, hold the door, or help you and baby getting out of the car is invaluable.

And someone there to witness you #havingitall is good too.

(Or alternately, a companion can tell you that you’re doing a good job when the tears come.)

5. If you’re wondering what to put in the diaper bag, be sure to account for you AND baby.

Think about all of the things you’ve been using at home. You’ll probably need:

    • Diapers (naturally), wipes and hand sanitizer
    • A change of clothes for baby
    • A change of clothes (at least a top) for you
    • Feeding supplies (that may mean bottles with formula expressed milk, a nursing cover and nursing pads to go in your bra, a burp cloth)
    • A blanket (which can double as a changing pad)
    • Your usual purse contents (don’t forget your wallet, keys or phone!)
    • Consider packing things in plastic bags, because spills or leaks are inevitable


I hope that you can now feel more confident about getting out into the world! And if you want a doula to hang with you and make sure you and baby make it back home in one piece, give me a call.

How did your first outings with your little ones go? What do you wish you’d known? Talk to us in the comments.

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