I spend a lot of time thinking about and talking about the beautiful parts of birth. I think that the human body is amazing, and birth is a miracle. My pregnant clients have deep incredible wells of strength within them, and sometimes the labor and delivery room is the first time that they learn what they are truly capable of.

Paragraphs like this often put people in mind of “natural childbirth”. They imagine a woman coping with labor without medical interventions, especially pain medication, but also including the many tools we have to get labor started, or keep it going.

I want to make it clear though, when I talk about beautiful births, I am absolutely thinking of inductions, and cesarean births, and the magic of epidurals, in addition to unmedicated “natural” deliveries.

My very favorite moments in labor are when my clients know exactly what they want, and they go after it.

Sometimes that looks like figuring out how to get through contractions that seem to be coming right on top of each other. It means finding the rhythm and creating small rituals and coping like a boss. It means pushing through and harnessing that pain, and pushing your baby out.

Sometimes, that looks like knowing when enough is enough. When you have been pregnant long enough, or you’re worried about yours or baby’s health, and you need to schedule a c-section. Or when the sensations of labor have turned from pain with a purpose, to suffering, and you need to end your misery and meet your little one. I support those decisions, and I trust those clients to know exactly how to have a good birth.

A good birth, to me, means that my client is supported, satisfied, and hopefully smiling at a beautiful baby.

As a doula, I understand that a many (most?) people are scared of pregnancy, and labor pain. There are several ways I can help with that:

  • I can arm you with information about how to cope.
  • I can coach you through the tough moments.
  • I can agree with you and help those around you hear you, when you say that you’re done with this.

My job is to get you the best birth you can possibly have. And that looks different for everyone.

If an epidural or cesarean is one of the coping tools that’s important to you, I want you to know that I wholeheartedly support that, and I would love to be your doula.

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