Olivia Pope needs a doula.

Kerry Washington has had her baby, and so goodness Scandal is back!

But follow this metaphor with me: Shonda Rhimes is the queen of quick transitions, and there is always labor to be done.

I’m convinced that some support without an agenda (because of course in DC everyone has an one) would be just what Olivia needs. I nominate myself for the job.

If you’ve watched the season premier (and if you haven’t, I can’t be responsible for spoilers folks), you know that Olivia, as per usual, has to save America. This time, from the unrepentant political monster, and now likely president-elect, Cyrus Beene.

This season promises to be stressful, a bit chaotic, and things are beyond her control, just like birth. Still, I believe she’s fully capable of handling this.

After all, “it’s handled” is her catchphrase, and inspiration for women everywhere. Actually, I’ll have to suggest that as a birth affirmation for her.

I would remind her of this- of all the things that she’s handled. And I would tell her that as eloquent as her father’s speeches are, he’s wrong about her. Olivia Pope is not weak, she’s strong.

The vulnerability that he despises, will give her strength. The strength of so many mothers is in their vulnerability.

Why not her, as she labors to bring about a democracy not tainted by stolen elections?

I would also congratulate Liv on her choice to birth without that revolving door of men who aren’t good enough for her.

Fitz, despite Mellie’s optimistic realizations last night, still seems like a man of weak character to me (sorry #teamFitz). I mean, how do I trust someone who dreams of jam in Vermont when he should be running a country? And though I’ll always have a soft spot for Jake, I can never fully trust a relationship that begins with stalking.

Olivia shines best on her own. And at the closing credits I was thrilled to see her strut off to save the day, rather than weeping over a partner.

But what she lacks in romance, she more than makes up for in support. Pope & Associates is back, and brilliant. They found just the evidence that she needed to prove that her gut was right.

So, as the doula of DC’s best fixer, I would remind her, as I remind all of my clients, to trust her team. She chose them with good reason, and they won’t fail her. 

And most importantly, I’d tell her trust her gut.

Olivia reminds us that your instinct is the sum total of the knowledge you’ve collected over a lifetime. And it’s always telling you something worth listening to. As her doula, I’d never let her forget it.

I’m settling in for a long labor, and I can’t wait for her to greet her baby. Shonda has to work fast, but I’m sure we’ll have justice by the end of the season.

Now, who can help me talk to Ms. Rhimes about this? I think Pope & Associates needs a new member. Consider this my cover letter.

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