Ew no I don’t want to see it!
Root of Life.
An amazing example of the miracle of our bodies.
You mean something else has to come out after the baby?!

I have heard placentas referred to as many things- some of the above being my favorite. Just so that we’re all working with the same definition:


Placenta: an organ that forms in the uterus during pregnancy. It attaches to your uterine wall, and is connected to the baby by the umbilical cord. The placenta provides nutrients to the growing baby and removes baby’s waste products. It is generally birthed after the baby.

You may have heard of a growing number of women wanting to use their placentas to replenish their bodies after birth. The idea is based on Tradition Chinese Medicine. In this tradition, the placenta is an herb that can be used to bring your body back into balance.

As a doula who wants to support the health of my clients and their families, I decided to become a Postpartum Placenta Specialist and provide placenta encapsulation services. I am glad to give access to a service that women have found improves their mood and adjustment postpartum, and may increase breast milk supply if they plan to breastfeed.

If you feel that this service would help you, I can ensure that your placenta is handled with care and treated like the sacred organ that I do believe it is. I can also guarantee that I’m upholding modern hygiene and safety standards.

This means that I have been trained to encapsulate placentas only in my client’s homes.

You will have full control over what happens to your placenta, which I hope gives you peace of mind.

And no, it will not stink. You never have to see anything that you don’t want to, and the process is simple and discrete. Or, you are welcome to watch and ask questions!

The in-home encapsulation of placentas also gives me time to talk and connect with my clients. I’m there when they may be hoping for some support as they enter a new chapter in their family’s life.

I would love to talk to you about the benefits that many new mothers have found with placenta encapsulation, and I am excited to bring this service to my clients. Give me a call to learn more or schedule your encapsulation.

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