Pampering After Baby? Postpartum Doulas Do That.

self care for mothers

I’m really good at growing my nails out. Maybe it’s my diet, or the fact that I’ve never had a job that requires working with my hands (hashtag #blessed), but I’m excellent at not breaking nails. You’ll never catch me with a broken nail, or ragged cuticle, and it’s a point of pride.

I think that this grooming habit- keeping my nails clean, and at just the right length- says a lot about me. It gives me a bit of confidence. Having nice nails says to the world- hey, I care about myself, and I take the time to make sure that I’m pulled together.

Those little self care touches matter.

No one wants someone to show up to give them parenting help, and hold their baby with dirt under their nails, or scratchy claws. Your family deserves better and that will never be what happens when you hire Sam Olivia, DC Metro Doula. Instead, when I show up for my overnight shift, I’ll be prompt and pulled together. And probably the most well rested person in the house if you have a newborn.

So you can hand me your precious bundle, and say “help my baby sleep.” And I will totally understand that you need 20 minutes to take a hot shower and feel like a person again, instead of a milk dispenser. You can even take time to twist your hair, or exfoliate.

Or I can come by tomorrow afternoon, and take the baby for a walk, so that you have an hour for some pampering. Wouldn’t it be great to get a gel manicure, without worrying about the baby breathing in those fumes? You probably haven’t had one since before he got here. Let’s get you some you time.  

I get it. You better believe that I took time to file my nails today. And you don’t have to sacrifice the little things that make you, you.

Even though you’re a mom now, you deserve to be pampered too.


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