Birth Doula

I know that you work hard every day, and I know that you will bring that same dedication and commitment to parenting. You deserve the best possible birth team and I am professionally trained to meet your unique needs, and provide the top-notch, unbiased, emotional and physical support that you deserve.

From the moment you hire me, I will be on call to support you bringing your new family member into the world. As your birth doula, I will work with you through phone calls, emails, Skype, and prenatal visits to ensure that you are prepared for your labor. On the day of your birth, you decide when you would like me to join you, either at your home or your place of birth. I will remain with you throughout labor, providing physical, emotional, and educational support. I will work with your care provider, partner, and other support people to ensure that you have a good birth, by your own definition. After your baby has arrived, I will visit you in your home to check in, and ensure that your new family is off to a good start.

My clients can count on me to:

  • Provide reliable, prompt service
  • Support any birth choices, whether you hope for an unmedicated birth, are working with a midwife, are planning a cesarean, want an epidural, or any other choices
  • Build positive relationships with your partner, family and provider
All services now provided through DC Metro Maternity.
  • Samantha provided company, support, walked halls and very effective guidance. She advocated for me to staff (translated my moaning into coherent requests), supported my husband to support me, worked very well with him including keeping him company during prep for c-section, sat with me in recovery while my husband got food. Samantha was there for what we needed at every stage. PS- Received compliments from doctor and staff on their interactions with her.
  • Samantha was fantastic during labor.  Prior to, she gave me techniques to get through labor.  I labored at home and Samantha was available to communicate with me. I decided to wait until I was going to head to the hospital to have Samantha meet us there.  When she arrived she was my support team.  She informed the nurses of my delivery plan. She kept me calm as labor got worse.  The biggest concern I had was getting an epidural while having a contraction and keeping still.  Samantha got me through it.  She kept me calm and focused and my mother and doctor were grateful and thanked her afterwards.
  • Samantha came highly recommended and did not disappoint in any way. She is a compassionate and well-educated doula who focuses 100% on the needs and preferences of her clients. During the prenatal period, Samantha helped me develop my birthing plan based on my particular birthing goals; further, she was always able to answer my questions, often while referencing studies on the topic at hand. During my 52-hour labor, Samantha provided on-the-spot education, morale boosting support, pain management strategies, and labor progressing exercises every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better doula and I recommend her services whole-heartedly.