Postpartum Doula

You are creating a life for yourself that you love And no doubt, you will be an excellent parent. Like anything else in life, there will be a transition period into this amazing, new role. As a postpartum doula, I am here to help you find your way during those early days, so that you can determine what is best for you and your growing family.

I will be there to help the entire family adjust to the new addition, including your partner, children, and other household members. I can support you during your birth recovery and look out for your emotional well-being and that of your family. I am glad to assist your family in finding its new routines, including feeding your baby, newborn care, sibling care and good sleep habits. I can be an extra pair of hands for meal prep, light housekeeping or assisting with errands. And if you are returning to work, we can prepare for a smooth transition.

My clients count on me to:

  • Provide reliable, consistent prompt service
  • Support their parenting choices, regardless of labels or trends. I want my clients to parent in a way that feels authentic to them
  • Ensure the entire family has a smooth transition
All services now provided through DC Metro Maternity.
Have a strong postpartum recovery

Feel Great After Your Baby

I want you to feel confident, strong and happy once your baby arrives. For some tips, follow the Postpartum Recovery Series