Postpartum Recovery: Hair Shedding

hear shedding wheile brushing hair

Today in postpartum recovery, let’s talk hair. Or, since we’re in the habit of being honest, let’s talk about something that can be unsettling- hair shedding after baby.

If it seems like all your hair is falling out since you’ve had a baby, you’re not alone.

One of the benefits for some women in pregnancy is thicker, shinier hair. And one of the interesting side effects may be a change in hair texture- straight hair may become curly or coils and kinks may change their texture.

People guess about why this happens: maybe it’s because you started eating differently for the baby, or switched to atural products. Or could it be a result of taking prenatal vitamins or drinking more water?

But it’s likely that the majority of changes to your hair during pregnancy can be attributed to hormonal shifts, especially an increase in estrogen.

Higher levels of estrogen stop much of the daily shedding that our hair usually does.

When you’re body is changing rapidly and becoming unfamiliar territory, at least you can count on fuller twist outs and glossy looking styles! Let’s give estrogen thanks! *praise hands emoji*

But all good things must come to an end. And as your body’s hormones shift again, your strands usually don’t keep hanging on in the same way.

It’s not unusual for it to seem like there are clumps of hair coming out at once. Your comb or hairbrush may be full, and if you have a wash day routine, it might be a bit dramatic.

You’re not going bald now that your baby is here.

Think of this as your hair resuming its usual routine, but having to clear a backlog of old hair. While it varies, this hair shedding can go on for the first six months after your pregnancy.

Since everyone’s hair is different, and I’m not a youtube beauty guru (though I can certainly tell you my faves), I can’t make this go away.

There’s no shame in a bun or a braid right now. And you have my blessing (which you don’t need) to try something totally new! A shorter cut, braids or a weave might be just the thing to get this concern off your plate. We’re all about self-care here. 
No matter what you decide, I advise you to be gentle with yourself, and your hair. You’ll both find your new normal. And if you want some help scrolling through Pinterest to find a new ‘do, or someone to help with the baby while you get a cut, call me


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