Postpartum Super Powers

Superhero figure representing postpartum moms

Superhero Panda

Did you know that becoming a new mom comes with super powers?

No really!

Some of them are less great and involve soaking through your shirt at the sound of the crying baby across the grocery store. Some of them are survival super powers, like being able to function on around 3 hours of sleep for days. Some of them are even more amazing.

Your instincts are one of those incredible super powers.

You might find yourself waking up 5 minutes before your baby in the morning. You’ll reach out to catch a falling toddler before they even start to trip. Even when everyone else is telling you it’s just a normal cold, you will often be able to tell when it’s something more. My own mother tells me frequently she already has her phone in hand and is about to dial my number when her phone starts ringing and my name pops up.

Our gut is something we’ve tried to train ourselves to ignore in favor of the “best” way. Your old friend from high school didn’t use a pacifier and has sent you a link as to why they are so awful for X reasons but you notice your newborn looking for things to suck while they sleep and it’s waking them up even though they aren’t truly hungry.

Do you listen to your instincts or the article you just read? You listen to yourself! You aren’t going to “ruin” your baby by trying this and seeing what happens.

If it results in a better rested you and better rested baby, you win! If it doesn’t seem to do much and you think the possible downsides have outweighed the benefits, stop!

Every baby, every parent, every family, and every situation is unique and different. Your life experiences are the value you bring to the table and often contribute to these gut feelings. You are tied to your baby in a way that can’t even really be explained with words.

Your feelings are there for a reason and you are the most equipped person to make the best choices for you and your remarkable family. Your postpartum doula will always support you, and your gut.

Written by Shea Blunier
Owner of Doulas of Michiana, trained professional Labor and Postpartum Doula, avid coffee consumer, mother, wife, and friend.



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