So You’re Pregnant. Now what?

Positive pregnancy test

The hardest thing about pregnancies, especially the first ones, is they’re so unpredictable. You’re doing this whole new thing, and the stakes feel so high. And so often, when you first learn that you’re pregnant, all you have are questions:

  • When and how do you find the right OB/GYN? Is your regular GYN the right one?

  • What are the best online pregnancy resources? Are all of them accurate?

  • What can you eat while you’re pregnant? Are you really expected to go without coffee for 9 whole months?

  • Wait, isn’t pregnancy actually like 10 months?

  • What if you had coffee before you knew you were pregnant?

  • Or a drink? What if you accidentally drank while you were pregnant?! You weren’t even trying and you didn’t even know about the baby. Will it be okay?

And these are just some of the first questions, before you‘ve settled into things. Once my clients begin doing their research, or talking to their friends, or reading pregnancy books, the questions multiply.

As a doula, I hear these questions all the time. Your nerves about pregnancy are normal.

And I work to act as a resource. I keep up to date on the latest guidelines around how much coffee you can drink while pregnant, what foods to avoid while pregnant, and what happens if you drank before you knew that you were pregnant. I am happy to talk to you if you got a surprise pregnancy test, and don’t know exactly what to do next.

Reassuring my clients about their fears is important. And as this blog grows, I plan to cover each of these topics. But the most important thing to remember, in my opinion?

You’re going to be a good parent.

The fact that you’re asking these questions, searching the web and talking to your friends shows that you care. You’re invested. You want the best for your baby.

There are many ways to get to what I know you want- a happy child, a well-adjusted child, a safe child. Throughout your pregnancy, and long after, you will make many decisions. Some you may wish you hadn’t, or will change your mind about. That’s okay. Some of your parenting decisions will be very different from your own parents, or your friends. That’s okay too.

But I know that all of your decisions, from that first pregnancy test, will be made with love.

Again, you’re going to be a good parent. And yes, I mean that even if your baby was a (beautiful!) surprise, or you had a glass of wine or three after they had been conceived.

If you’re freaking out a little, take a breath. Take another one. And then, consider giving me a call/text. Or send me an email. You’re going to be great at this, and I’m right here to remind you.

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