Sometimes the Last Days of Pregnancy Get Old

Woman tired in last days of pregnancy

Honest moment? The last days of pregnancy don’t seem that fun to me. I don’t think I’m supposed to say that, as a doula, but just watching them… Y’all, that looks hard.

By 38 weeks, most providers consider babies to be full term. This doesn’t mean that there is a medical reason to rush them into the world, but it means that they are not unusually concerned about the health of a newborn born at this point.

And what it might mean for you, as the person carrying this precious gift, is that you’re kind of over it.

You’re probably getting a lot of advice to cherish these moments.

“Go on a date! Have your favorite meal!” folks might say. And if this is the first baby, it’s sweet to celebrate the last meal as a family of two. The “last meal” can be a way to mark this time as precious for older siblings as well. If you’re trendy, you might even go on a babymoon, and make some memories to share with your partner of life as it is right now.  

Lots of people advise cuddling and closeness (or even going a little bit further), since that can release oxytocin, the hormone that (among many other functions) gets your contractions going in labor.

All of these are lovely ideas. I fully support you getting close to your Valentine. Baby will benefit from your love fest too. And also…

It’s pretty common not to feel too glowy during these last days of pregnancy. Or to not feel like being lovey dovey.

Feeling bloated, sweaty and a little bit annoyed with your body at this point is normal. You might wonder if an induction or a cesarean is a good idea, as you approach or pass 40 weeks. Both of those are your options to consider, and you should explore them with your provider. You should also know that passing 40 weeks is normal for first pregnancies.

Or you may be praying that baby stays in long enough to finish the nursery, complete a project at work, or until you figure out how to breastfeed.

Whatever you’re feeling, right now, is valid. The biggest recommendation I have is to be gentle with yourself. Let the feelings happen, and try not to hold them in or judge them.

No matter what, I can tell you this: baby will come. You will be a good parent. Everything will be fine. You’ve grown a whole human. That’s amazing! Now, we just wait.


  1. LC Johnson says:

    I’m 39+1 right now and I am so incredibly over being pregnant. I don’t want to go on a trip. I don’t want to cuddle. I don’t want to dress up and go to dinner. I WANT TO HAVE THIS DAMN BABY. Lol

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