It’s World Doula Week! To celebrate, I’ll be publishing posts on some basics about doula support, and things you may want to know. Today, I’ll start with answering a common question, “Why should I hire a doula?”

In order to answer this, it’s important that you understand what a doula is, and what we do.

Doulas provide physical support, emotional support and expertise during pregnancy, labor and soon after birth. I think of us as the only people in the room who have lots of knowledge on how birth and parenting works, but no agenda on what you should do.

And that brings me to our value.

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood is a time when it can feel like the entire world judges your every move, and disguises this judgement as support.

As someone who’s not a fan of unsolicited advice, this sounds like a nightmare to me. So as your doula, I never tell you what you should do. (Even if you ask! Sorry!)

Instead, I trust that you know exactly what’s best for your family.

I’m just there to help you reach your goals, gather any information you need, and encourage you to trust your instincts. That, to me, is true support. 

Sometimes that means being a sounding board as you sort through conflicting information on breastfeeding. Sometimes that means being the person that you delegate tasks to. It might mean taking care of your partner’s needs during labor, when you’re a little occupied and the love of your life forgets to eat. It may be holding your hand through the entire journey, and telling you how awesome you are.

So why would you hire a doula?

Because you want a professional on your team. You want someone with expertise, but without an opinion.

Think of me as if your mother knew ALL THE THINGS about childbirth and parenting and wanted nothing but the best for you, but suddenly had no opinions and never pushed your buttons.

That sounds kind of cool right? That’s why you hire a doula.

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